The Next Frontier of
Workers’ Rights

The Next
Frontier of
Workers’ Rights

The #WorkAnywhere Campaign emerged from the
COVID-19 pandemic. We promote flexible work practices
for a greener, healthier and more inclusive society.

The #WorkAnywhere Campaign emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic. We are the global advocacy movement representing remote & hybrid workers.

We believe

flexible work should be available for any job where it is technically possible.

We’re committed to

advocating on behalf of tech-enabled workers (regardless of employment status) and nurturing solutions that improve the flexible work experience for everyone.

Don’t forget

that remote/flexible work is currently and/or could be an economic lifeline for billions of people. In the UK alone, 4 million people who are ‘locked out’ of employment (including parents, caregivers and individuals with health conditions or impairments) say they would be more inclined to take a job that offers remote working.

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VIEW OUr Founder's tedx talk

Why Every Community Needs a Workspace

In this TEDx talk, #WorkAnywhere CEO, Ben Marks, outlines a vision for hyper-local 'community workspaces', available to all as a public good.

For the remote work revolution to flourish, we’re going to need a viable replacement for the office. Check out our latest white paper on how the next generation of “community workspaces” can boost workforce well-being and spur local regeneration.




Founded Campaign

Four friends start the #WorkAnywhere Campaign against the backdrop of global pandemic lockdowns. They consolidate an audience of one million followers and develop plans to champion human rights in the remote workforce.


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White Paper Launch: ‘It's time for Coworking 2.0’

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