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Report 2022

Maintaining Healthy Life-Work Boundaries

52% of US workers experienced burnout in 2021. With similar numbers being reported in Europe and beyond, this is a global health issue with potentially catastrophic consequences. That’s why we are collaborating with Remote and IE Business School – to understand the effects of different life-work boundary management styles on worker health and wellbeing.

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Report 2022

Social Connection in Remote Work

Loneliness is on the rise. It can lead to sedentary behaviour, relationship damage, depression, substance abuse and more. We conducted this study in order to understand what makes someone ‘socially fulfilled’ in remote work environments, and how policymakers and employers can help the ‘at risk’ segment of the workforce (in partnership with Selina & University of Boston).

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Report 2022

The Impact of Remote Work on Gender Violence

When the first ‘lockdowns’ were announced in 2020, charities such as Women’s Aid highlighted the increased risk of harm and isolation for those affected by domestic abuse. Now, with the widespread adoption of remote work set to continue, it’s vital that we understand the ongoing impacts of this major societal shift on gender dynamics/safety.

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European Policy Events

The Need for Community in a Remote Work Economy

23 Feb 2022


MEP Lídia Pereira, MEP Brando Benifei, Rafael Museri (Selina), Nancy Baym (Microsoft), Dr Constance Hadley (University of Boston), Olumide Gbenro (Digital Nomad Festival), Monika Kiss (EU Parliament think tank), Frank Thomas (European Commission), Laura Cassio (European Commission), Ben Marks (#WorkAnywhere).

In Search of a New Life-Work Balance

1 Apr 2022


MEP Alex Agius Saliba, MEP Sara Mathieu, Katharina von Schacky (WeWork), Drew Smith (Zoom), Kriti Jain (IE Business School), Miguel Cabrita MP (Government of Portugal), Filipa Matos (Remote), Andrea Glorioso (European Commission), Ben Marks (#WorkAnywhere).

How the Rise of Remote Work is Impacting Gender Violence

Jun 2022



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