Charter of Rights

It’s time to codify a “Remote Work Charter of Rights”.

The below represents a starting point - drafted internally - which we will seek to refine over time in
collaboration with researchers, policy experts and, of course, remote workers.

Our Philosophy

Reimagining our relationship with work.

Our culture’s worship of work has consumed our identities and disconnected us, slowly eroding the qualities of a rich, well-rounded human experience: community, independence and health.

‍Some of us are aware of this and crave freedom. Many of us still don’t want to admit that we’ve neglected family and our personal dreams to chase promotions that cannot make us truly happy.

But there is another way. One that prioritises relationships and experiences over empty productivity; that won’t make us sacrifice genuine productivity or career advancement as we maximise every minute of our absurdly short lives.

We believe that remote work is a crucial piece of the puzzle. Not remote work during a pandemic, or under duress. But remote work where technology works for us instead of isolating or distracting us; where we have the ability and choice to work wherever, and however, we work best.

True freedom means removing work as the primary source of our friendships, personal worth and communities. Instead, we aim to disrupt this paradigm and rebuild our identities so that we can live fuller, healthier lives.

If not now, when?

The time is now.

The pandemic demolished any cultural and technological barriers that were preventing remote work adoption worldwide. Hundreds of millions of us were suddenly thrust into this lifestyle and bosses the world over did not witness the dreaded decline in productivity. Despite the issues and growing pains –and there were many of them– most people thrived.

Now, we’re at a crossroads. Because so few of us were given the training, guidance and tools to implement remote work properly, we feel isolated and burnt-out. Because many managers still treat their employees like small children who can’t be trusted, we’ve seen a terrifying rise in digital leash technologies that track workers’ every move.

That is why our campaign exists –to champion the overwhelming positives of remote work while pushing back against the profit-over-people mentality that threatens it.

This is for the whole world.

Some people still dismiss remote work issues as first-world problems. But the reality is the scope of these problems extends far beyond the borders of industrialised nations. Our radical aim is to leverage remote work so that it levels the global playing field and gives everyone, everywhere, the same opportunities, regardless of where they were born or live.

Just because some of these topics are only currently relevant to the relatively privileged does not mean we should miss the opportunity to experiment with, and perfect, solutions. The decisions we make now matter.

We have two choices: allow the forces currently dictating how we work and live to continue unchallenged, or bravely forge a world that finally has its priorities straight.

Our Team

Jaime Westendarp
Head of Gender Equality Programs
Carlina Conrad
Research Partner
Dan Onchieku
Project Manager
Dr Constance Hadley
Academic Advisory Board
Brandon Kaufer
Impact Director
Giles Cowan
Operations Director
Dr Sarah Wright
Academic Advisory Board
Paul Theobald
Product & Design
Alexa Shoen
Social Media Advisor
Daniel Moravanszky
Media Partnerships
Eleonor Koemets
Content Manager
Dr Kriti Jain
Academic Advisory Board
Ben Marks
Executive Director
Elliott Perry
Marketing Director
Nancy Baym
Academic Advisory Board
Leanna Lee
Advocate / Writer
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